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Aarial was positively reviewed by the Calgary Board of Education Book Review Panel.
It is now on the Recommended Resource Listing for all Calgary Public Schools.

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"Aarial takes you on a magical journey where you cannot tell what is reality and what is fiction.
Entering Dylan's world was an experience I will never forget; I loved it. "
Carlie, Calgary (age 12)

"I like this book because of its detail in the storyline and the two different realms each with its own story. It was really interesting seeing a story from two views, the real world and this other realm. This kept the story very interesting and made the book really great to read."
Owen, Calgary (age 12)

"One of the best books I've ever read...and I've read A LOT!"
Kaley, Calgary (age 12)

"Too good to be true. I couldn't put it down."
Matt, Calgary (age 12)

"I read Aarial in 2 days, and I didn't want it to end. "
Taylor, Calgary (age 13)

"I just finished reading, Aarial, and I loved it! It is an excellent book. "
Patricia, Calgary (over 30)

"Thank you, Mr. Paulson, for writing an amazing story.
I hope a sequel comes out."
Eduard, Calgary (age 12)

"The plot is very exciting, and the book is hard to put down."
Chase, Calgary (age 12)

"I have been recommending Aarial to all of my friends."
Adam, Calgary (age 11)

"Reading Aarial is an experience within itself; it is an amazing novel."
Emily, Calgary (age 12)

"Dylan is a character that everyone can relate to in a way."
Paul, Calgary (age 12)

"It was so hard for me to close this book. It makes you realize that everyone needs a little adventure in their lives. Thank you, Mr. Paulson, for writing such an amazing novel."
Jessica, Calgary (age 12)

"I thought Aarial was a really great book, I spent all my spare time reading it until I was finished, I couldn't stop reading it but at the same time I didn't want it to end. I haven't enjoyed a book as much since I read the Harry Potter series.  I especially liked how Dylan could do anything in his imaginary world. 
I wish my own world was more like that."
Simon, Clarkes Beach, Newfoundland (Age 13)

As a teacher I have met many intriguing, imaginative and troubled youth and I found it both familiar and brilliantly refreshing to delve into the world of Dylan and the power of Aarial. Dylan, the main character in this book, although clearly struggling with great challenges and deep wounds, both past and present, draws us into the fantasy world that he has created to cope with his demons. This world and the power of Aarial is magical and, although full of both wonder and horror, will cause many to wish momentarily for such a realm to escape to.

Although the book is geared more towards young teenagers, I found myself gripped to its pages and lost many hours of sleep so I could "just finish one more chapter". Collin Paulson writes with the clarity and understanding of an educator working with youth today and, at the same time, brings the world of Dylan and Aarial alive for us to explore.

Aarial was a fascinating read for myself and my family and would be a great
Christmas present to give any 10-14 year old on your list.
Cindy Woolfrey (over 30)

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